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Have you ever wondered why your “sinusitis” is not settling? It might be because you don’t have sinusitis, but you may have rhinitis or another of the many conditions that mimic sinusitis. The ENT surgeons at BBC Medical will assess you and manage your symptoms appropriately. We will also manage your ear problems, swallowing problems and other throat issues. We will also manage your neck lumps. We offer an endoscopic evaluation of the ear, nose, and throat, with patients having the ability to view the findings in real-time. Patients can also have a recording made for sharing with other physicians.



Your Health Is Your Greatest Asset

Our well-trained family physicians will provide you with a thorough medical assessment and will manage your chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. At BBC Medical Services, our primary concern is you, the patient. If we cannot manage your problem, we will refer you to a specialist who can. We also provide second opinions to help you decide on the best form of management but will always encourage you to communicate with your primary doctor. Women’s health issues are important to us at BBC Medical Services. That is why we offer obstetrics and gynecology services through our highly-trained obstetrician and gynecologists.

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